ANNOUNCEMENT: Join us this Friday for the Live Band Session.

Music School in Nairobi

We operate a modern music school in Nairobi. Our classes are flexible. Once you join our student community, you will be assigned a tutor with whom you will choose a suitable time and mode of teaching. We open at 0900 hours and close at 2100 hours. 

Evening & weekend

We have lunch time, evening, and weekend classes for those who have a busy schedule. If you work in the Nairobi CBD, join us during your lunch breaks, if not, you can also join our evening classes that will help you escape the hustle of Nairobi traffic. We also open on Saturdays from 0900 hours and close at 2100 hours.


Modern Techniques

We have modern classrooms with new instruments. Our studio and DJ academy are also equipped with modern equipments to help you be up to date with the ever changing music technology. In addition, we have a free Live Band session every friday to help all the students learn the techniques of band performance. We are the only Music School in Nairobi to offers such a comprehensive package.

Learn from the very best..

Join our classes and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for the future music industry.

Working hours

Monday- Friday: 0900-2100 Hours
(Phone until 2000 Hours)

Saturday: 0900-1600 Hours
(Phone until 1800 Hours)

We are here

12th Floor, Development House 12th Floor, Moi Avenue, P. O BOX, 7355 City Square, Nairobi.
Phone:+254 722831647

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