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Austin Guitar Lessons - Electric/ Bass/ Classical/ Acoustic Guitar

Learn to play the guitar — or improve your skills — with professional guitar lessons at Five Star Nairobi School of Music today. Whether you’re a complete beginner, current band member or accomplished professional, our experienced instructors can teach you to play with more skill and confidence. We offer both acoustic and electric guitar lessons; and you can select the style of music you want to play while learning – Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country or Classical.

Our guitar lessons are convenient and affordable – and fun! For your convenience, we offer private instruction 6 days a week, from late morning to 9pm. In our years of experience providing music instruction in Austin, we have learned that private lessons provide the best results – and the best value — for our students. The individual attention and tailoring of the program to suit your preferences, schedule and playing skills lets you learn faster and focus on the aspects of your technique that need the most help.

It is unusual to have two or more students with similar music preferences, levels of proficiency and learning styles. So we generally recommend private guitar lessons for beginners and advanced students. However, we will consider a group lesson option on a case by case basis; so please ask us about that.

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