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Become the DJ of Choice

Learn from the best DJ’s in the comfort of Nairobi city. Whether you’ve never used a turntable, or are just looking to brush up your skills, we’ve got you covered. The Five Star Nairobi School of Music is the ultimate DJ school. Our DJ program is perfect for all levels of people looking to learn to DJ whether they are complete beginners or intermediate DJ’s. Learning the fundamentals of being a DJ can be extremely difficult and frustrating if you don’t know the industry secrets; this is where our music academy in Nairobi comes in.

Whether you’re using Traktor, Serato or another platform we have tons of awesome tutorials by professional DJ’s that will teach you all the secrets and set you on the right track to being a professional DJ in no time. All you have to do is subscribe to kick start your DJ career! At this music academy in Nairobi, our goal is to give you the necessary skills to unleash your true musical creativity, and carrier potential. We have a huge library of high quality up to date video tutorials featuring some of the most successful DJ’s and music producers in the world

We provide in-depth video lessons to refine your DJing skills, all organized and edited by top professionals in the DJ industry and leading experts in the music education fields. We strive to provide the most precise and specialized video lessons. We’re a DJ school that’s out to make learning the DJ art easier and more effective than ever.

Our video lessons detail the ins and outs of everything from equipment setup and basic DJing techniques to running your own live performance. We also collaborate with the most prolific instructors in the DJ industry to create accessible video content that covers everything a DJ student needs to advance his or her craft.


What makes us the top school for electronic musicians? Consider the following benefits of learning how to deejay at this music academy in Nairobi:

a) Master your skill on the turntable with industry-leading software and equipment.

Our DJ lessons focus on the software that’s used by the top industry professionals, including Traktor, Serato DJ & Scratch Live, Ableton Live, and Mixed in Key. We stay up to date on all the new technologies taking the DJ world by storm, and build our lessons around the software and equipment that is shaping the DJ industry!

b) No experience? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Our library of deejaying lessons accommodates students of all skill sets, teaching techniques specific to their experience level. The three main skill tiers provide lessons that suit your specific needs and the techniques you want to learn. Whether you’re a fresh new DJ or a long-time turntable veteran, we have specialized DJ lessons that will take your craft far beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

Our goal is to design a DJ teaching school that’s flexible enough for anyone to experience on their own time, but packs in all the teachings you need to enhance your turntable technique like never before. With this music academy in Nairobi, you’ll find everything you need for an easy-to-manage teaching tool for DJs, custom-made to fit your schedule and skill level.

The Five Star Nairobi School of Music transforms aspiring DJs and producers into professional talent through stringent education.

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