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Do you want to join a band and become a rock star? Strum the acoustical guitar and sing ballads for your friends? Play the classic 12-string at Symphony Hall? Riff the bass like John Entwistle or Paul McCartney?

There’s an old joke about a guy with a violin case walking down the street in New York City. At the corner, he asks a cabbie “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The cabbie replies, “Practice, practice, practice.” Well, it takes more than practice to be a great musician – you need a well-planned series of lessons from experienced instructors.

We have been training musicians from all over Kenya (and beyond) for a long time now; and our most successful students have gone on to even more virtuosity and worldwide fame. Call us today to talk about the kind of guitar lessons you want; and we’ll recommend the most suitable instructor for your instrument, style of music and current skill level.

Electric Guitar

Whether you’re a budding rock star, intermediate blues guitarist or accomplished bass player, our Nairobi music instructors can help you improve your electric guitar playing. For beginners, electric guitar lessons start with the basics – tuning and introduction to the strings and frets. You’ll quickly move on to 3-string chords and basic strumming, and it won’t be long before you can play your first recognizable song.

For more advanced players our electric guitar lessons include more challenging musical selections, advanced picking and fingering techniques, and exercises to improve speed and stamina. You’ll progress to two-hand tapping, vibrato, chord progressions, guitar phrasing and some killer shredding licks. Advanced electric guitar lessons also include instruction on music theory, sweep picking, hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Acoustic Guitar Instruction

We offer acoustic guitar training for players of all skill levels and musical genre preferences. For beginners, we start with an introduction to the guitar, tuning and how to string the instrument. The student will quickly progress to basic chords, reading music and instruction on how to practice.
More experienced students will be taught advanced picking techniques, chords and slurs, along with arpeggios and stretching exercises to improve hand speed, flexibility and strength. Advanced instruction also covers music theory, harmony and chord theory, and guitar phrasing.

Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar is often referred to as Spanish Guitar or Flamenco Guitar. It is distinguished from acoustic or electric guitars because of non-metallic strings and a very special set of fingering techniques. At the Five Star Nairobi School of Music, our classical guitar lessons are designed to teach you these techniques – while playing music you and your friends will enjoy.

 Our instructors select a series of increasingly challenging guitar pieces for you that will progressively develop your strength, flexibility and playing technique – enabling you to play more interesting and satisfying music.

Bass Guitar

For those who are just starting out, our beginning electric bass lessons teach you how to tune the instrument, how to hold the guitar comfortably, how to place and move your fingers on the frets and thumb along the neck. Students will quickly progress to basic riffs, slides and fills. As with all our instruction, you get to choose the style of music you like, and you set the pace at which you improve.
Lessons for more experienced bass players cover advanced strumming and fingering techniques, playing chords and harmonics on the bass, and mastering more challenging songs. Students can also take advantage of our Nairobi digital recording studio to evaluate their technique, mix backup tracks or cut demo recordings.

Your First Guitar Lesson

A lot of would-be guitar players waste years trying to teach themselves, or spend many frustrating hours trying to learn from friends or videos. This isn’t much fun, and it’s probably not going to make you a better musician. The easiest, shortest and best path to becoming an accomplished guitarist is professional instruction.Take your first step to proficiency, confidence and enjoyment. Call to discuss your musical goals, talk with one of our instructors and schedule your guitar lessons.

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