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Music Production Classes and Services

As a student majoring in music production at this music academy in Nairobi, you will learn about the creation and production of recordings of music and how to successfully complete recording projects that are typical of those found in contemporary professional recording and production environments. Your mastery of the discipline will be shown through the completion of recording and production projects of professional quality.

Through classroom emphasis on artistic and professional excellence and exposure to resident and visiting professionals, you will:

  1. Develop an informed and critical aesthetic vision;
  2. Work effectively with others in the wide range of circumstances typically found in the recording and production professions through participation as engineer and producer on various projects, and by interacting effectively with musicians on these projects; and
  3. Gain knowledge of the principles and creative practices of engineering and production techniques.

With this knowledge, you will be prepared to enter the contemporary music production field as an effective professional. This will be in a number of roles and to adapt quickly and effectively to rapid changes in technology and stylistic genres in the discipline over the years.


What the Program Gives

Upon completion of your lessons in music production at the Matete Music Academy, you will be able to:
– Multitrack record, overdub, edit, and mix both live ensemble and electronically produced sources;
– Multitrack record, overdub, edit, and mix using complex analogue and digital audio systems;
– Lead a creative project from idea inception to final delivery;
– Adapt to diverse and changing musical technology environments;
– Apply knowledge of complex analogue and digital audio systems; and
– Evaluate audio program material and make technical and aesthetic decisions based on those observations.

Production Classes

There is more to music production than what we hear in the final product. Great producers are great listeners, great thinkers, and great visionaries. You have to learn to listen not only to the music but to client’s needs and ideas. Not only do we teach you FL studio (the present) but also logic pro 10 (the future). Mixing and mastering are also taught in depth. We have the latest technology, including an AKAI MPK 261 MIDI keyboard which we also teach to use. A real recording experience is also provided where you work with the voice students. A production class is one hour long for instructions and an hour for practice. The studio is available to students all through the week.

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